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Everything You Need to Know About Irrigation Services in Alberta

Irrigation Services: The Secret to Lush Medicine Hat Landscaping

The numbers are clear: Medicine Hat gets less annual rainfall than nearly every other Prairie city, and our summers are the hottest in the province. While fellow residents of the Great White North may envy our clear skies and sunkissed skin, there are some downsides to living in Canada’s sunniest city—for one, it’s hard to keep things looking green.

Maintaining lush landscaping around your home or business is a lot of work, especially when you can’t count on regular rainfall to help you out. But even though there isn’t yet an app for on-demand downpours, there is an easier way to keep your lawn, shrubs, flowers and herbs looking fresh all season long. That’s where your friendly Medicine Hat landscaping contractor comes in! If you’re tired of painstakingly hand-watering your plants, we can equip your commercial or residential property with a handy irrigation system that will take care of it for you. Let’s take a look at your options:

Drip irrigation systems pump water through underground tubing or hoses and deliver it directly to the roots of plants. This type of irrigation service is well suited to Medicine Hat properties for several reasons. For instance, it:

  • Cuts down on water waste (ideal for drought-prone areas like southeastern Alberta!) by ensuring most of the water is absorbed at soil level, thus limiting runoff
  • Optimizes water absorption in difficult soils (clay, rocky, etc.)
Spray systems (sprinklers) dispense water through sprinkler heads, which can either be pop-up (buried unless in use, making them almost invisible most of the time) or shrub-style (installed above ground on vertical poles, ideal for watering tall, dense shrubbery). This popular option is best suited for flat areas such as grass and planting beds (which happen to be common here in the Prairies) where runoff is minimal. While sprinklers aren’t quite as resource-efficient as drip systems, they can be supplemented with various devices to reduce water waste, such as:
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Drip irrigation zones (for problematic areas like steep inclines or poor soil)
  • Rain detection and automatic shut-off

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If you’re looking for irrigation services in Medicine Hat, you’ll likely need to choose between the options described above. Not sure which is best for your project? Give us a call! Our experts will be happy to expand on the different commercial and residential irrigation systems we install to help guide your decision.

Thinking of saying goodbye to your garden hose and hello to a bright, healthy landscape? Contact LMT Landscaping for a free estimate on quality irrigation services for your home or business.

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