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4 Ways to Prepare and Protect Your Driveway This Winter

Now that winter is fast approaching, it’s time to think about how to protect your driveway against the snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Although asphalt is a highly durable material, the harsh prairie winters can take a toll on your driveway’s surface if it’s not adequately prepared & protected from the cold. Here are our pavers’ top tips on how to maintain your Medicine Hat driveway.

Patch Up All Cracks and Holes
Make sure to have existing cracks and holes in your driveway repaired before the cold sets in. If they are not fixed before winter, the snow and ice will cause them to worsen. In time, this issue could become serious and may require your driveway to be completely replaced.

Apply a Sealant
If you haven’t done so in the last three or so years, you’ll also want to hire a professional to seal your driveway. A sealant creates a protective barrier between your driveway and the elements, shielding it from snow, ice, debris and wind. A sealed driveway will endure the cold better and last much longer.

Make Sure There’s Adequate Drainage
Having a driveway that drains properly is important in winter; if the water doesn’t have anywhere to go as the snow and ice melt, your driveway can start to flood. If you notice water pooling up on your driveway after rainfall, there are drainage issues that you’ll need to get taken care of by a professional.

Stay on Top of Snow Removal
Once the winter precipitation starts, make sure to regularly remove all snow and ice from your driveway. If you let the snow build up, it will get into existing cracks and cause them to expand. It can also cause dirt, debris and chemicals to freeze onto your driveway, which causes the surface to deteriorate more quickly.

Use the Right Ice Melt
Applying ice melt to your driveway is crucial for preventing cracks and breaks in the asphalt (not to mention dangerous accidents). However, some types of ice melts—especially those that contain ammonium—are very abrasive and can damage the surface of your driveway as well as your vehicle. Instead, use calcium-based ice melts, which won’t harm your driveway or your car.

Experienced Pavers in Medicine Hat
The experienced team at LMT Enterprises Ltd. can help you get your driveway into shape for the winter. We offer free estimates on commercial, industrial and residential paving and sand and gravel jobs as well as crack-filling services. For a heavy construction contractor you can trust in Medicine Hat, contact us today.

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